Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The dying time

This one is not explicitly an entry regarding EVE, just what happens to be on my mind. I happen to work in a field where I deal with chronically ill people on a daily basis. The bizarre thing is that when they start dying they go in waves, and it usually occurs around the changing of the seasons. I know; it's weird. Something to do with all the environmental changes. This is not a sappy lament for lost friends. I am not emotionally invested in these people. But there is a lesson to be learned. You never know when it will end. Live it.

Oh yeah, related EVE point since it's an EVE blog. Life's short and it's a damn game. Less Emorage and more fun.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stuck in a damn rut

Finished up warp drive operation 5 today. Whooity do! Talk about a rut. I hate it when this crap happens. It's like when you have a house full of food with nothing you want to eat.

That said, it wasn't a totally uneventful day, eve side. (I WAS a totally uneventful day in meatspace.) Operation Death March, my current experiment in an isk stream from mining missions, is proceeding at pace. I should be in nullsec, but iskies are in scarce supply. Not sure the Corp is making good decisions with that, but that's why I'm not in management. Speaking of that, I've pretty much been given the Mt. Everest of logistical challenges. More than a freighter's worth of material to be moved through danger. Not quite sure yet what miracle I'll conjure up for that one.

I did get a chance to train one of the nooblets up a little today, a short bookmarking class. If I recall correctly this was my first time in a clear cut instructor role. Kind of fun. I should do more of that, if I can think of anything else I know in EVE ;)

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Flying Bipolar

This is an EVE online blog. Full disclosure. This is blog attempt to for me, and I pretty well lamed up the first one. :)

My intent with this one is to widen the scope a little bit to hopefully maintain my interest a bit, as the in character PVP thing got a little boring after a while. I'm "somewhat" patterning this off of "Roc's Ramblings" and "Inner sanctum of the Ninveah", in the sense that Roc's runs the gamut from eve to life, and Inner sanctum is just pretty good.

First off, the name. I happen to be bipolar II. For those who aren't in the know thats the one that DOESN'T completely destroy your life in a flaming emotional inferno. What it does do is put a name to having mood swings back and forth from hypomania (think best day of your life) and depression. Sometimes I get'em in the same day. I also have wildly varying motivation for tasks. That explains why I was all about pvp a while back and yet I'm running shitty mining missions right now. I don't intend for that kind of shit to dominate the blog, but it does play a big role in my life, and thus my game. Also, there will be talk of life so its unavoidable.

I do just about everything in EVE with the huge exception of nullsec large alliance sov warfare. I find it interesting, but it seems a little too boring for me. Especially until they get the lag fixed a bit.

My character's name is KaiserSoze434 and I'm a member of the Open University of Celestial Hardship, all in all a great group of guys. More to follow.